Reflective Marker Spheres (Non-Medical, Non-Sterile)

NDI motion capture reflective markers are designed for use with passive, non-medical optical motion capture systems (e.g. motion capture for animation, ergonomics, and biomechanics research). Optical motion capture systems detect retro-reflective markers affixed to objects and then calculate the position and orientation of the object based on the information received.

Benefits of NDI Reflective Motion Capture Markers

  • Best quality at a lower price
  • Continuous reflective spheres surface (not ‘orange peel’ design)
  • Motion Capture Markers on Optical Motion Capture Tool
  • Consistent size (11 mm), shape and diameter
  • High quality reflective material
  • Compatible with all passive optical measurement systems (NDI or any other manufacturer)

For more information about our non-medical, non-sterile reflective marker spheres, please contact our sales department.